The Conjure Woman hosted the Grand Finale of The Austin Writers Roulette. For this special occasion, her sister flew in from Virginia. After 8 years of producing The Roulette, a menagerie of extra details had to be taken care of–hint, check out the sign.
They finally got things together!The Conjure Woman’s sister (CWS), a former model, used the time prior to the show as an impromptu photoshoot, despite the fact that several housekeeping tasks needed to be done. BIRDMAN 313 joined in on the impromptu photoshoot.The Conjure Woman indulged her sister, stating that this was the closest to a wedding shoot she’d get.Nonetheless, since this was the last show ever, a little picture-taking indulgence was in order.  STEPHANIE WEBB lent a friendly hand getting things together for the show.Newcomer JASON HILL discovered The Roulette at the eleventh hour. Despite the invitation-only status of this last event, Hill reached out weeks in advance with a compelling story and arrived early to participate. The Conjure Woman created an introduction and snuck him onto the lineup. The impromptu photoshoot evolved into a hybrid family reunion crossed with a farewell tour. THOM THE WORLD POET came decked out in his signature yellow and DONNA DECHEN BIRDWELL dressed in costume in solidarity to the theme.Even the pedestrian tasks, such as getting the video release forms from THE MALVERN BOOKS staff, was documented.As Rouletters arrived, the farewell photoshoot continued with PAUL NORMANDIN, BRENNAN UTLEY,JACK MCCABE while the host ticked off attendance, HOPE RUIZ during a breather in between hosting duties, then joined by others since we were already posing. LARRY MAYFIELD traveled the farthest to participate in the grand finale. NICOLE CORTICHIATO merely wanted to meet CWS, but of course, became a part of the photoshoot. And gracing the place minutes before the festivities officially began, RENEE AMOS and RG HOOK breezed in. How appropriate that one of the celebratory cakes provided by MALVERN BOOKS reminded one of a present since the venue itself has been a gift to the literary community. The second cake provided by MALVERN BOOKS had a split personality, half vanilla and half chocolate with a scrumptious raspberry filling.The Conjure Woman exacted her own photoshooting revenge just before the show.Rouletter JIM TENNY gifted a series of host pictures. Finally, the picture everyone had been waiting for, the group photo. The Conjure Woman rang finger cymbals three times to open the show, explaining that unlike previous Roulettes, all featured artists had received an invitation to perform and since many responded, every feature had a timed 5-minute slot and there would be no open mic. ALLYSON WHIPPLE led the audience in a creative mediation.

During intermission and after the show, many audience members expressed needing  that mediative moment. LARRY MAYFIELD described his meditative style prior to conscious reasoning.

NICOLE CORTICHIATO colored her creativity with vivid imagery.

BIRDMAN 313 recited a medley of poems from shame to love.

DONNA DECHEN BIRDWELL shared both her very first Roulette poem from July 2012 along with the last in 2019.

JIM TENNY presented AWR producer/host, TERESA Y. ROBERSON, with a plaque, appreciating her muse effect.   Then, he dedicated a song to the AWR muse.

DANIEL DAVILA ruminated about creative germination.

HOPE RUIZ consulted the wise woman within herself.

She then honored the late Rouletter,

BRIAN GROSZ, by reading one of his pieces.

RG HOOK paid tribute to a gruff-voiced New Yorker muse.

CWS struck again during the ten-minute intermission. JASON HILL soul-searched about his purpose.

PAUL NORMANDIN dreamed other people’s dreams.

BRENNAN UTLEY showed how a fictional writer wrestled with creative style.

STEPHANIE WEBB pushed through the life’s negatives to create.

URSULA PIKE daydreamed in the Spanish subjective tense.

TERESA Y. ROBERSON spoke of the very first live show she hosted as a child during bath time and other creative ideas she’s conjured throughout her life.

THOM THE WORLD POET, accompanied by DANIEL DAVILA on clarinet and JACK MCCABE on acoustic guitar, recounted the creative history of AWR and his performances.

In the end, TERESA Y. ROBERSON invited the AWR fans to check out her upcoming podcast about CBD & Poetry.