Once again, Cindie’s outdid itself with the His and Hers gift baskets for the best performer in both categories. These prizes were rewarded at the end of the show by audience applause.
Cupid hosted the show, explaining to the audience that they may think that she’s misfired some love arrows in their lives, but she assured them, the arrows always landed where they were supposed to and they’d just had to deal with it.
At least Cupid gifted audience members genital-shaped candy to cope with the bitterness of love gone wrong.
Cupid’s philosophy is, “One person’s heartache is another person’s punchline.” So, these Rouletters came to share their love survival story/punchlines. RG HOOK dealt with one of the age-old dating dilemmas: is a future boyfriend or criminal?

SUSAN MACK shared some ancient words of love.

LARRY MAYFIELD had his own version of the dating game.

TERESA Y. ROBERSON asked the contemporary, independent single woman’s question: why do men always f*ck it up?

THOM THE WORLD POET spoke from the heart of the joy and love for his homeland and his mother.


Click on the link below to view the performances of the following Open Mic artists: LARRY MAYFIELD, BRIAN GROSZ, R G HOOK, CAROL LENNOX, EMMA TUCKER & THOM YES.

LARRY MAYFIELD BRIAN GROSZ RG HOOK CAROL LENNOX EMMA TUCKER THOM THE WORLD POETAll the women shared the fun Hers basket in a four-way tie. BRIAN GROSZ won the audience vote for the His basket.

Yet he graciously shared some of the goodies with the other guys.