Fabulous marvel

Facetious milestone

Fantabulous magic

The host came prepared for a Festivus celebration in Rouletter style with a personal Bah Humbug on her sweater and then passed out Festivus Miracle candy canes.

The venue was decked out with a seasonal selection of literary delights.Although only three features were officially on the docket, miracles abounded with more artists arriving just in time to share their work.STEPHANIE JOHNSON shared her experience about her first GYN appointment.

HOPE RUIZ wrote about her Warrior Weekend, where, among other things, she walked on hot coals.

HAYLEY LUHR searched high and low for the most valuable treasure.

TERESA Y ROBERSON praised the virtues of internet porn birth control for men and the latest penile implant devices.

THOM THE WORLD POET served up an international smorgasbord of festivus miracles.

Click on the link below to see the open mic performances of the following artists: STEPHANIE JOHNSON, HOPE RUIZ, TERESA Y. ROBERSON, & THOM THE WORLD POET.