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1-valentines-malvern The Austin Writers Roulette convened to celebrate Valentine’s Day the best way they knew how–creatively unconventional!2-cindies-malvern For a 3rd year in a row, Cindie’s donated two gift bags. 3-cindies-bags One for the best female and male performers.4-la-rouge-goodies Also, for the 3rd year in a row, La Rouge donated audience gifts, which decorated their seats, making everyone a Rouletter Valentine’s.5-theme-inspired-booksIn the spirit of “Romance and Other Patriarchal Fantasies,” Malvern Books created a theme-inspired display of related books.
6-hostess-cleaning The hostess did a bit of cleaning up before the show.7-loving-donations The stage was set. 8-la-rouge-goodies-awr-card The audience’s chairs were decorated with parting gifts. 9-dessert And there were three choices of cookies, including an irregularly phallic-shaped cookie!10-dessert Actually, it was pretty harmless looking when flipped over on the elf side.11-theme-inspired-costumes Thom the World Poet gifted the show with the Valentine’s Day balloon and some flowers.13-group-shot After all the preliminary pomp and circumstance, the show began on time with one rouletter running in just as the group pictures were being taken.14-hope-ruizHOPE RUIZ delivered a powerful sermon about romance and the patriarchy.15-me TERESA Y. ROBERSON reiterated what Hattie McDaniel, the first Black actress who won an Oscar for her role as “Mammy” in Gone with the Wind, said, “I’d rather play a maid than to be one!”

Click on the link to watch the performances of Hope Ruiz and Teresa Y. Roberson:

16-brian-grosz BRIAN GROSZ detailed handling fake breasts during a chance encounter with an adult movie star.17-thom THOM THE WORLD POET started by asking the crowd if they wanted a box of emptiness or something that lasted forever like plastic flowers.

Click on the link to watch the performances of Brian Grosz and Thom the World Poet:

18-valentines-displayDuring intermission, participants and the audience had an opportunity to peruse the Valentine’s Day collection of books.

The Open Mic
19-donna-dechen-birdwell DONNA DECHEN BIRDWELL20-stephanie-johnson STEPHANIE JOHNSON

Click on the link to watch the performances of Donna Dechen Birdwell and Stephanie Johnson:

21-brian-groszBRIAN GROSZ
22-hope-ruiz HOPE RUIZ23-ray-bellon RAY BELLON24-david-lester-young DAVID LESTER YOUNG25-thom THOM THE WORLD POET

Click on the link to watch the performances of Brian Grosz, Hope Ruiz, Ray Bellon, David Lester Young, & Thom the World Poet:


HOPE RUIZ won best female performer and all four guys tied for first place and shared the prize.


Although we had a tired Cupid, everything still came up roses!