1-spinning-wheel The spinning wheel of illogical actions that don’t affect the situations they’re supposed to was in the house! 2-group-shot The rouletters came together to express the fuzzy logic they’ve experienced.3-hope-ruiz Hope Ruiz embraced her weaknesses for strength.

4-ursula-pike Ursula Pike walked the deliciously fine line between the authentic and fake.

5-david-kendall David Kendall told a fantastic tale about Woodrow’s toe.

6-me Teresa Y. Roberson spun her wheel of illogical actions that she’s encountered in her life.

7-thom-yeshua-udelle Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Yeshua Udelle, touched upon the political fuzzy logic around the electoral college and other societal conventions.

8-pete-me Pete Sebert and Teresa Y. Roberson began the open mic.

9-me Teresa Y. Roberson10-petePete Sebert11-donna Donna Dechen Birdwell

Click on the link below to see the performances of Donna Dechen Birdwell; Hope Ruiz & Brian Grosz; & Stephanie Johnson.

12-hope-brian Hope Ruiz, accompanied by Brian Grosz13-brian-hope Brian Grosz, accompanied by Hope Ruiz14-stephanie Stephanie Johnson15-yeshua Yeshua Udelle

Click on the link below to see the performances of Yeshua Udelle; David Kendall; & Thom the World Poet accompanied by Yeshua Udelle.

16-david David Kendall17-thom-yeshuaThom the World Poet, accompanied by Yeshua Udelle