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The rouletters started off with a treat: specially labeled candies to see the type of women in attendance. Hershey Kisses for women who think size doesn’t matter. Twix for women who share men. Almond Joy for the single horny women. Reese’s Pieces for the cheap women who think a man really bought them something. Special Dark for the mature single woman who’s never married but still believes in true love with the proverbial tall, dark, and handsome. Mr. Goodbar represents women who have unrealistic expectations of meeting the perfect man. Kitkat for orgies. Payday represents divorcees since once their marriage is over, all they want to do is cash out.


Stephanie Johnson helped herself and dared anyone to analyze her choices.


This month’s roulette was hosted by a cultural chameleon, adaptable to many financial niches. 4-hope Hope Ruiz revealed the survival strategies of the gazed upon woman.

Click on the link below to see the performances of Hope Ruiz, Kamila Forson, Daniel Davila, Velma M. Roberson, Teresa Y. Roberson, Brian Grosz, Thom the World Poet accompanied by Daniel Davila:

5-kamilaKamila Forson made the audience fly-on-the-wall witnesses of an exchange between a foreigner and her boss.6-davidDaniel Davila explained culture according to dogs.7-velmaVelma M. Roberson reminisced about driving culture throughout her life.8-meTeresa Y. Roberson dipped her big toe into poverty and detailed the many jobs she juggled in the gig economy to alleviate her underemployment. 9-brianBrian Grosz served up a fresh slice of Brooklyn culure.10-thomThom the World Poet, accompanied by Daniel Davila, made different cultural observations from 9/11 to the protests among different groups of people.

11-stephanieStephanie Johnson started the open mic.

Click on the link below to see the performances of Stephanie Johnson, David Lester Young, Donna Dechen Birdwell, Adriel Vigo, Russell Wong, Cliff Marroquin, Daniel Davila, Brian Grosz, Suzanne La Follet, Hope Ruiz, Thom the World Poet accompanied by Daniel Davila:

12-davidDavid Lester Young13-donnaDonna Dechen Birdwell14-adrielAdriel Vigo15-russellRussell Wong16-cliffCliff Marroquin17-nicoleNicole Cortichiato18-danielDaniel Davila19-brianBrian Grosz20-suzanneSuzanne La Follet21-hopeHope Ruiz22-thomThom the World Poet with Daniel Davila