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Out of her


0 me standing

This magical show could only be hosted by a magician.1 group shot The Rouletters came on Mothers’ Day to reveal their magic words.2 anniversary cake They also came to celebrate their 1st Anniversary at Malvern Books. 2.1 me w cake For her first trick, the magician made half the cake disappear.3 me seated Then, she tended to some paperwork.4 Sydney Sydney Chandler read an excerpt from her enchanting tale, “The Moonchild Falls.”

5 Amy Amy Rose discovered her magic word unexpectedly.6 Erik Erik Corredor expressed the power of the spoken word and being in love.

7 Brian Brian Grosz learned the value of getting out…especially when a woman tells him to!

8 me Teresa Y. Roberson ironically stated there were no magic words until someone believed  in them.

9 Anyah Anyah Dishon shared a song, inspired by her visit to Macchu Picchu.

10 Thom & musicians Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX and Anyah Dishon, sprouted many magical words.

11 BrianBrian Grosz started the open mic.

Click on the link below to view the open mic performances of: Brian Grosz, David Lester Young, El Guapo, Magic Jack ATX, El Guapo, Anyah Dishon, and Thom the World Poet

12 David David Lester Young13 El Guapo El Guapo14 Jack Magic Jack ATX15 El Guapo Amy Rose16 Anyah Anyah Dishon17 Thom & Anyah

Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Anyah Dishon