Fool’s gold



1 Thom sleeping Thom the World (Worn) Poet was the first to arrive at the venue, stone asleep due to hosting the Midnight to Dawn event at another location. Better early than late!2 meHost, Truth Masker, lived up to her name.
3 group shot The Rouletters arrived in full force to share their best sincerest lies.4 Birdman 313 Birdman 313 talked about the lies, lies, lies he had to sort through.

5 Jennifer Preiss Jennifer Preiss came to terms with the age-old lie about age.

6 Robert Robert Bayless danced the truth with a transwoman through salsa.

7 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell read an excerpt from one of her novels about a questionable scientific experiment.

8 Stephanie Stephanie Webb shined the spotlight on a liar she knows the best–herself.

9 me Teresa Y. Roberson recited her list of sincerest lies, concerning love, religion, family, work, and the truth.

10 Thom & Daniel Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Daniel Davila on clarinet, poetically danced his way through the truth about life’s lies.

11 Nori Nori Hubert revealed her matrilineal truth found in her Pandora’s Box.

12 David Daniel Lester Young started the open mic.

Click on the link to view the performance of the following artists: David Lester Young, Nori Hubert, Trev the Road Poet, Birdman 313, Brian Grosz, Daniel Davila accompanied by Teresa Y. Roberson dancing tango, Thom the World Poet accompanied by Daniel Davila on clarinet

13 Nori Nori Hubert14 Trevor Trev the Road Poet15 Birdman 313 Birdman 31316 BrianBrian Grosz
17 Daniel Daniel Davila18 Daniel & me Daniel Davila dancing tango with Teresa Y. Roberson

19 Thom & DanielThom the World Poet with Daniel Davila on clarinet