1 black female guns The Austin Writers Roulette brought out the big guns: Black Women with Biceps!2 group shot The Rouletters talked about all things arbitrary and nonsensical under the sun.3 Udelle Udelle Robinson calculated her handle on reality and vowed she’d never allow someone to convince her she’s crazy.

4 Cody

Cody Copeland shared a menagerie of nonsensicalness since “arbitrary and nonsensical” described his whole poetry life.

5 Brian Brian Grosz highlighted the stardust connections in us all in two degrees, not Kevin Bacon’s six! One just has to listen hard enough to hear the connections.

Carolyn Lindell (not pictured) advised that one merely needs to seek in order to find, which stretches beyond the things her family has lost.6 Kent Kent Grosswiler found adventure in the caffeine-crazed pursuit of coffee.

7 me Teresa Y. Roberson first sought financial solvency in selling Bibles, then solace.

8 Thom Thom the World Poet made poetry out of the illogicalness of the global situation. Aaron Ortiz accompanied Thom on guitar.

9 Cody

Cody Copeland began the open mic.

Click on the video below to view open mic artists: Cody Copland, Brian Grosz, Udelle Robinson, Kent Grosswiler, Jim Trainer, Aaron Ortiz, Stephanie Johnson, Donna Dechen Birdwell, Nori, Thom the World poet (accompanied by Aaron Ortiz)

10 Brian Brian Grosz11 Udelle Udelle Robinson12 Kent Kent Grosswiler13 Jim Jim Trainer14 Aaron Aaron Ortiz15 Stephanie Stephanie Johnson16 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell17 Nori Nori18 Thom

Thom the World Poet, accompanied Aaron Ortiz by on guitar.