Underwear for two

Robotic companions

1 Le Rouge display Originally, the hostess, Teresa Y. Roberson, had big dreams of decorating the venue with genitaila-shaped chocolates, lubricant and vibrating cock rings–all generously donated by Le Rouge.

2 Le Rouge display & me Yet, the venue requested for her to be more discreet with the adult treats in case some minors entered the bookstore on a Sunday stroll with their parents; so Teresa arrived early to take some purely photo shoot pictures.

3 Cindie's display Since the adult treats donated by Cindie’s were already concealed by opaque bags, they remained on full display throughout the show.

4 cornucopia & me Nonetheless, Teresa had a terrific time personally handing out the adult treats to the audience as they arrived, asking them to be mindful if any children showed up.

5 group shot The Happy-Valentine’s-Day Rouletters came out in full force to share their narratives about Sex, Love & Virtual Reality.

6 Katie Thibodeau Katie Thibodeau kicked off the show, exploring the stabbing aspects of love.

7 Donna Dechen Birdwell Donna Dechen Birdwell discussed the awkwardness of her adult children reading sex scenes in her novels, providing steamy examples from Way of the Serpent.

Click on the link to view Teresa Y. Roberson, Katie Thibodeau and Donna Dechen Birdwell:

8 Udelle Robinson Udelle Robinson reminisced about the pursuit of ideal love.

9 Brian Grosz Brian Grosz gave the vivid history of his love amulet and then showed it to the audience.

10 Brian 11 Brian 12 Brian 13 Robin Barratt Robin Barratt shared a sexual adventure with some electrifying results.

14 Birdman 313 Birdman 313 read a little quickie called “Lust.”

Click on the link to view Udelle Robinson, Brian Grosz, Robin Barratt and Birdman 313:

15 me Teresa Y. Roberson gushed about being engaged…to her creative life, which did not include biological children, but rather her artistic fruits of labor.

16 Thom the World Poet Thom the World Poet, always the bringer of poetic sunshine and enlightenment, shined his wisdom about love.

Click on the link to view Teresa Y. Roberson and Thom the World Poet:

17 Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson began the open mic.
18 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell19 Brian Brian Grosz20 Sydney King Sydney King

Click on the link to view Stephanie Johnson, Donna Dechen Birdwell, Brian Grosz and Sydney King:

21 Udelle
Udelle Robinson

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22 Birdman 313 Birdman 31323 Robin Robin Barratt24 me Teresa Y. Roberson25 Thom Thom the World Poet

Click on the link to view Robin Barratt, Teresa Y. Roberson and Thom the World Poet:

26 winners

By audience applause, Brian Grosz and Thom the World Poet shared the guy’s prize and Donna Dechen Birdwell won the gal’s prize for the best performance.