Does this actually exist?

If so, I can’t resist

Does it count when sleeping

Wake up wet and weeping

What if I was in a daydream

Fireworks and ice cream

Mind-body connection misfire

Unexpected satisfying of desire

1 group shot

The Rouletters gathered on a cold, drizzly day for a hot, racy topic–the last roulette of 2015.2 me hosting The host, Teresa Y. Roberson, wore sexy lingerie on the outside of her regular clothes to suggest both “accidental” and “orgasm.”3 orgasm quiz To warm up the crowd, Teresa quizzed the audience about orgasms.

5 orgasm quizHer trusty sidekick with a strong throwing arm, Thom the World Poet, distributed the prizes–Tribe of One T-shirts.
4 audience shotFortunately, most audience members were good receivers and excellent sports.
6 Amy First-time Rouletter, Amy, courageously shared her physical and emotional survivor story about turmoil, which eventually led her to an accidental orgasm.

7 me
Teresa Y. Roberson, in a 3-part poem, explained some things life had taught her about sex, things she had intuited on her own, questioned why vaginas weren’t the touted compliment synonymous with “strength” among men, then shared her accidental orgasm story about riding an extra bumpy “chicken bus.”

8 Aralyn
Another first-time Rouletter, Aralyn Hughes, editor of Kid Me Not, explained how her accidental orgasm occurred after rejecting the 1950s patriarchal prescription of how all women should be a wife, a mother and submissive.

9 Thom Thom the World Poet confessed how traditional porn bored him, but orgasms could be triggered by food, colors, smells, pedicures, music and all things stimulating an individual’s passion.

10 Aralyn & meIntermission provided a golden opportunity for Aralyn and Teresa to officially meet since Aralyn had technically arrived late, but through the magic of poet’s time, still on time to deliver her powerful narrative.
11 Aralyn Thom & me Of course, Thom joined in on the intermission photo shoot.12 Aren Aren Raymond started the open mic.

Click on the link below to view the performances of the following artists: Aren, Jack, & Nori

13 Jack Jack R. Curtis14 Nori Nori Hubert15 Aralyn Aralyn Hughes16 me Teresa Y. Roberson17 Thom Thom the World Poet

18 Chad & meAfter the roulette, authors Chadwick Wall and Teresa Y. Roberson exchanged signed novels. Hopefully, he’ll join them on stage in 2016!