Some beliefs are simple

Fit neatly in a thimble

Life’s complicated enough

Principles shouldn’t be tough

Who writes the rules anyway?

Moving words hold most sway

Make this easy for me

Put instructions in poetry

1 me w AWR sign Sporting a quasi-Angela Davis afro and quasi-bumper stickers on her chest, host Teresa Y. Roberson posed for the cause.2 Birdman & me Joining her was Houston poet Birdman 313.3 Birdman & me Months ago, he’d written in a poem, “After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W.T.F.,” to which she’d commented, “That should be a bumper sticker.” Birdman 313 followed through and gifted everyone a bumper sticker. Roberson sported hers on her back.4 group shot The rest of the rouletters showed up with their bumper sticker-inspired philosophers.

Click on the link to see the performances of Birman 313, El Guapo (Steve Quakenbush), Magic Jack ATX with Louise Richardson, & Teresa Y. Roberson:

5 Birdman Birdman 313 started the show, dropping some bumper sticker slang.6 El Guapo El Guapo recited spoken word poetry, bumper sticker style.7 Jack ATX Magic Jack ATX gave his critique about some commonly seen bumper stickers during gridlock.8 Jack & Louise To help him out, Louise Richardson read out the bumper sticker sayings, then he responded with his reaction.9 me

Teresa Y. Roberson sewed bumper stickers on her shirt. Then interwove them in a spoken word piece, concerning the continued empowerment of marginalized people.10 meAfterwards, Roberson read the upcoming 2016 Austin Writers Roulette themes and the acrostic poems she’d written for each theme. Whenever an audience member correctly shouted out the vertical word spelled out, Roberson gifted him/her a Tribe of One T-shirt.
11 Thom w RonThom the World Poet, accompanied by Ron Kewin, touted the bumper sticker global perspective.

Click on the link to see the performances of Teresa Y Roberson, Thom the World Poet with Ron Kewin on guitar:

12 Louise Louise Richardson started the open mic.

Click on the link to see the performances of Louise Richardson, Ron Kewin, Magic Jack ATX, Birman 313, El Guapo:

13 Ron Ron Kewin14 Jack ATXMagic Jack ATX
15 Birdman Birdman 31316 El Guapo El Guapo17 Brandon Campbell Brandon Campbell

Click on the link to see the performances of Brandon, Jack R. Curtis, Element 615 (Joe Brundidge), Thom the World Poet with Magic Jack ATX on guitar

18 Jack R Curtis Jack R. Curtis19 Joe Element 61520 Thom w Jack ATXThom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX