Hidden just below

What few people know

Surprises good or bad

Just waiting to be had

Secrets closer than you’d think

Revelations on the brink

Another universe arose

Right under your nose

1 The Thing Under the Bed“Thing Under the Bed” hosted this unofficial Halloween poetry and storytelling event. 2 2nd anniversary cake Malvern Books had just celebrated its second anniversary the day before.3 2nd anniversary cake So, we helped them out by eating their leftover cake!4 group shot Rouletters brought their stories, which had been stashed under the bed, to share with everyone.5 RobinRobin Barratt read several, short, haunting poems, inspired by classic writers.

6 Louise Louise Richardson catalogued all “what’s under the bed,” read a short, spooky story and concluded with an a cappella version of “Monster Mash.”

7 Sarah Sarah Kennon encouraged a dear friend to call whenever suicidal thoughts started to overwhelm.

8 Michael & Sarah
Michael Kennon, along with his sister, Sarah, sang a murder ballad, “Silver Dagger.”

9 Tom Tom Stoner wrote a short story about a child who tried to learn about sex by hiding under the parents’ bed.

10 Jack Magic Jack ATX told scarily bad jokes about Christopher Columbus before telling the horrors his Trans-Atlantic voyage wrought.

11 me Teresa Y. Roberson explained, in vivid detail, bad things people shove under their beds, which haunt them at night when they try to go asleep.

12 Thom & me Once again poets’ psychic costume connection struck: Roberson & Thom the World Poet posed for the cause of showing off their decorative hats.

13 Thom Thom the World Poet preached against the scary subplots under the political bed.

14 Thom w:cake During intermission, Thom the World Poet got that bad politics taste out of his mouth with cake.15 Robin Robin Barratt started the open mic.

16 Louise Louise Richardson17 Sarah Sarah Kennon18 Tom Tom Stoner19 Michael Michael Kennon20 Jack Magic Jack ATX21 Brooke Brooke

22 ThomThom the World Poet