Genius or madness

Joy or sadness

Inspiration strikes

Creativity spikes

Innovation transforms

Changing the norms

Evolution distinguishes

Until the flame extinguishes

1 mad scientist This month’s roulette was hosted by the tie-dyed mad scientist herself!2 group photoA mad spark of poets, musicians and storytellers
3 Birdman Birdman 313, inspired by comedian Robin Williams, traced the little spark of madness to the blazing flame.

Video link to the performance of Birdman 313: 

4 El Guapo El Guapo explored the existential mad spark.

Video link to the performance of El Guapo: 

5 Magic Jack ATX Magic Jack ATX illuminated the mad creativity sparked by a painting.

Video link to the performance of Magic Jack ATX: 

6 StephanieStephanie Webb sang “The Voice Inside” about moving on when crazy changes occur.

Video link to the performance of Stephanie Webb: 
7 Michael Michael Kennon shared one of his character pieces about madness on and off the silver screen.

Video link to the performance of Michael Kennon: 

8 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell, wearing her own version of a Mad Hatter hat with artists such as Banksy and Frida Kahlo cards along its brim, articulated “madness” for both the crazy and the sane.

Video link to the performance of Donna Dechen Birdwell: 

9 me Teresa Y. Roberson distinguished the difference between genius and madness are the same between privilege and nonprivilege.

Video link to the performance of Teresa Y. Roberson: 

10 Thom Thom the World Poet shared the discarded art from a friend…

Video link to the performance of Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX: 

11 Magic Jack and he was accompanied by Magic Jack ATX.12 audience shot The audience enjoyed Thom’s visual aids and music.13 Thom's gifted art Thom the World Poet passed around the discarded art.14 Birdman Birdman 313 started the open mic.

Video link to the performances of the open mic artists: 

15 Michael Michael Kennon16 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell17 Louise Louise Richardson18 Nori Nori19 Steven Steven20 Magic Jack Magic Jack ATX21 David David Lester Young22 ThomThom the World Poet
23 Magic JackMagic Jack ATX