Born into life’s gamble

Few instructions or preamble

Luck of the draw

Gets you just so far

Play the hand you’re dealt

Lay your bid on the felt

Enjoy the game throughout

Before you cash out

1 Stephanie & me w sign The rouletters slowly trickled in.1.1 other poets w sign Next thing you know, more appeared.1.2 group shot

Then we had everyone’s favorite poker hand, a full house!2 Royal Flush host Everyone’s favorite poker hand, except one…Royal Flush, the host for Cosmic Casino.2.1 ring blingHer Highness gave out card bling rings to all who attended.
3 Geovani Geovani Zambrana read a series of whimsical poems inspired by random circumstances.

4 BirdmanBirdman 313 described the odds of winning at casino love.

4.1 AllysonAllyson Whipple predicted horoscopes, using random numbers and Oulipo.

6 Lila Lila McCall shared moments from her past lives, thanks to regressive hypnosis.

7 Stephanie Stephanie Webb emoted about playing the hand life dealt her.

7.1 me Teresa Y. Roberson explained how everyone is born a winner, given the incredible odds of popping into existence in the first place.

8 Thom & Jack Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX on guitar, got his cosmic hustle on.

9 Geovani Geovani Zambrana

(This clip shows the performances of Geovani Zambrana, Robert Bayless, & C. Cimmone)10 Robert Robert Bayless11 C. Cimmone C. Cimmone12 Allyson Allyson Whipple

(This clip shows the performances of Allyson Whipple, Lila McCall, David Lester Young, Magic Jack ATX, Birdman 313, Element 615, Mackenzie, Thom the World Poet and Magic Jack ATX.)13 Lila Lila McCall14 David David Lester Young15 Jack Magic Jack ATX16 Birdman Birdman 31317 Joe Element 61518 Mackenzie Mackenzie19 Thom & Jack Thom the World Poet & Magic Jack ATX20 Jack & me Her Royal Highness rewarded Magic Jack ATX with a coveted red lipstick kiss.21 Robert & me And she gifted a photo op to Robert Bayless.49 audience shot Welcome back!Everyone’s invited to the next roulette: “Show & Tale,” Sunday, August 9th!