This was not the plan

Abort quickly as we can

Should’ve been a cinch

Until that monkey wrench

Are we having fun yet?

May be something we regret

We’ll look back & laugh later

For now, get the hell outta here1 1st group shot

Half the rouletters gathered at a new time and a relatively new venue to start “Trainwreck Adventures.”1.1 2nd group shot By the time we broke for intermission, the vast majority of us were accounted for!2 JasonJason Hodge walked into the venue just in time to spin a trainwreck tale about lovers in a bar.

3 Donna
Donna Dechen Birdwell read a trainwreck episode from her newly published novel, The Way of the Serpent.

4 Brooke Brooke Lancaster performed a queasy tale about the irrational fear of vomiting on someone.

5 Robert Robert Bayless ranted about the educational trainwreck perpetuated by high-stakes testing.

6 Allyson Allyson Whipple showed that some relatives are living trainwrecks.

7 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson celebrated her reunion of physical injuries in pursuit of happiness and adventure.

8 Lila Lila McCall shared a few trainwreck stories about trying to have a good time.

9 Thom Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Daniel Davila on clarinet and Cabrini Green on tambourine, recounted the adventure of his birth today and then some!

10 Nathan The open mic began with Nathan.

11 Amy Amy

12 Kim Kim

13 Nathan Cabrini Green

14 Daniel Daniel Davila

15 El Guapo El Guapo

16 Allyson Allyson Whipple

17 Lila Lila McCall

18 Rose Rose Lawson

19 Stephanie Stephanie Webb

20 Brook & Susan Brooke & Susan

21 Element Element 615

22 Audience shot

Join us again on July 12th for “Cosmic Casino.”