She was a mighty woman

In life’s race, fast she ran

Upon her foundation

Arose our tribal nation

Her name’s not widely known

Yet she deserves a throne

She knew how to survive

Through us, her wisdom’s alive

1 group pictureThe Austin Writers Roulette celebrated Mother’s Day the best way they knew how…through poetry, music and storytelling at a new venue, Malvern Books.

2 El Guapo

El Guapo showered accolades to all the forgotten queens.

3 Jack Magic Jack ATX shared the experience of recently receiving a birthday card from his mother.

4 Jack & audience He then played his own original Mother’s Day song.

5 Jack & Daniel Daniel Davila accompanied him on clarinet.6 Birdman Birdman 313 had been writing a Mother’s Day poem of praise for his mother the past 15 years.

7 Patricia Patricia Fiske read several poems about a mother’s unconditional love and her second thoughts.

8 Elijah Elijah McLaughlin shared what he should have said to his mother a forever ago.

9 Allyson Allyson Whipple guided us through an ekphrastic experience, involving Cleopatra, a historically famous mother.

10 CleopatraShe handed out flyers with one of Cleopatra’s legends on one side and her own poetical response to it on the other side.11 DanielDaniel Davila taught us the fine art of forgiveness by forgiving his mother for their turbulent relationship.

12 Lila Lila McCall remembered the almost forgotten queens from both sides of her family trees.

13 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson gave honor to mothers for the priceless legacy they have endowed their surviving children.

14 Thom Thom the World Poet brought evidence about the power of poetry. Daniel Davila and Magic Jack ATX provided mood music.

15 rosemary He also gifted everyone a fresh sprig of rosemary from his garden.16 Jeffery Jeffery Hollie started the open mic.

Elijah open micElijah McLaughlin

17 Daniel Daniel Davila

18 Birdman Birdman 313

19 Allyson Allyson

20 El Guapo El Guapo

21 SylviAnn SylviAnn Murray

22 ThomThom the World Poet with Magic Jack ATX and Daniel Davila