Fleeting happiness                       This high emotion won’t last

Loving everything as is                            Stability’s fading fast

Blind with joy of today                This part of life is like a recess

Reality’s hidden away               Break’s over; pick up the pieces

0 The Fool The Fool hosted this show!01 Group shot The Austin Writers Roulette gathered once again–this time to discuss the many facets of Fools’ Paradise.1 the drunk dude & me Prior to the show, The Fool couldn’t help posing with one unsuspecting venue patron before enlisting him and his friends to move furniture.2 Vivian Fools & drunk dude Since the lovely bartender, Vivian, had colorful hair, she joined the fools and volunteered patron in the pre show pictures.3 Newbies & meFirst-time rouletters, Amber Andersen and Laura Bruce also got to take a pre show picture with The Fool.
4 Donna arrives Donna Dechen Birdwell arrived with her “Belize Paradise” bag.5 Birdman 313 Kicking off the show, Birdman 313 described how fools fall in love.6 Amber Amber Andersen recounted a drunken fools’ paradise.7 John John Kojak told of an escape from an abusive fools’ paradise.8 Daniel Daniel Davila answered the age-old question why fools fall in love.9 Laura Laura Bruce explored the emotional side of paradise.10 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell embraced something better than a fools’ paradise.11 Lila Lila McCall warned us about the impending Paradise Lost with disappearing freshwater.12 Mackenzie Mackenzie demonstrated the grass is not always greener on the other side of paradise.13 Stephanie Stephanie Webb detailed the foolish state of being seen through other people’s myopic vision.14 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson enlightened the audience about how to enter fools’ paradise through credit card overextension.15 2 fools A brief fools’ photoshoot broke out!16 Thom & musicians Thom the World Poet, accompanied by DJ Cabrini Green and Daniel Davila, incorporated all the previous poets’ facets of paradise along with an audience shout out to weave in “angels.”

During intermission, Daniel Davila danced tango with a fool.

Then, the open mic began.
17 Jeffery

Jeffery Hollie
18 Trevor Trevor19 Tim Tim Tealer20 Jonathan Jonathan Lowell21 Jason Jason22 Birdman 313 Birdman 31323 David David Lester Young24 Roger Roger25 Patricia Patricia Fiske26 Neal Neal27 Lila Lila McCall28 John John Kojak29 Christina Christina M. Jackson30 Daniel Daniel Davila31 Brian Brian32 Stephanie Stefani33 Thom Thom the World Poet34 audience shotBig “Thank You” to the record-making audience who attended the culminating show of the Austin International Poetry Festival!