How did we get here?

Is all the blame on beer?

You were sane when we met

But now the drama’s set

You’re not really my type

 I don’t believe the hype

Let’s go it alone

Delete my data off your phone

0 group shot The Rouletters got together to talk about their worst dates ever!1 cornucopia In order to sweeten the experience, a cornucopia of donated goodies were on hand.2 Cindies gift bagsA gal’s and guy’s bagful of goodies were up for grabs for the best story of evening.3 cornucopia & lollipopsAudience members received adult-themed lollipops, lubricant and a vibrating cockring.

5 explanationA description for the cornucopia of goodies was printed out so the audience could make an informed choice.4 chairsChairs were decorated with giveaway stickers and calling cards.
6 penis pop nurseAbout five men asked the hostess if she were a real nurse. Then all stated they would feign illness if so.
7 flaming assholeThe theme drink was a “flaming asshole,” which the hostess announced was the only way one could actually enjoy such a condition!
8 Magic Jack ATX Magic Jack ATX relived the classic blind date bad date.9 cookies He even brought a box of cookies to share with fellow poets.10 Birdman Birdman 313 revisited the classic Facebook bad date with a woman even bigger than he.11 DanielDaniel Davila recounted the three out of nine lives of a dating cat.12 Lila Lila McCall shared her frat boy blind date story, which started out with a simple question: “How bad could it be?” Pretty bad, as it turned out!13 AllysonAllyson Whipple told the audience about coitus interruptus when a guy’s parents suddenly appear.14 me reading Hostess Teresa Y. Roberson suggested for men to avoid another boring Valentine’s Day bad date by scheduling a vasectomy.15 Thom & musicians Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX and Daniel Davila, recited a series of entertaining missed love connections. One rejection went like this: “I don’t know you.” “I don’t know myself either.”16 Jack & DanielAfter Thom the World Poet left the stage, the music segued into an original Magic Jack ATX love song jazzy composition, “It’ll Come to You.”17 audience shotAudience members were invited during the intermission to sign up for the open mic.
18 Ron Ron19 Jason Jason20 Jacob Jacob21 Allyson Allyson22 Daniel w:Jack Daniel w/ Magic Jack 23 Birdman Birdman 31324 McKenzie Mackenzie25 Thom & musicians Thom the World Poet w/Magic Jack ATX & Daniel Davila26 female winner McKenzie won the gal’s adult bag with her spoken word about how having a single bad date may have prevented her from having bad long-term relationships.

27 male winner

Thom the World Poet won the guy’s adult bag through his usual bedazzling improvisation with musicians.