No need to fear                    Leave past transgressions behind

Just ‘cause it’s a new year     To yourself and others be kind

This is your clean slate         Only the present has potential

So why hesitate?                  For new activity experimental

0 group shot The Austin Writers Roulette kicked off its 2015 season with “Redemption.”1 Thom & me Proving once again great creative minds think alike, both Thom the World Poet and Teresa Y. Roberson sported their winter white. He wanted to symbolize winter weather and she wanted to symbolize a holy person.2 Veronica & me Roberson’s younger cousin, Veronica redeemed herself by visiting again since last year.3 me Cathrin & Thom Poet, Cathrin Gordon, dressed in the opposite manner, as a little devil. Roberson couldn’t resist showing off her black boots as well.4 Jonathan & CathrinPoet Jonathan Lowell redeemed himself by attending once again. His only other visit to the roulette occurred January 2014.
5 Allyson me & Cathrin The various roads to redemption correspond to the individual.6 mimosas Nonetheless, we can all appreciate a delicious mimosa, the theme drink! Note how poet Allyson Whipple has what she called a “Whipple Mimosa,” meaning all champagne and no OJ.7 Birdman Birdman 313 talked about a song of redemption to the moon.8 Allyson Whipple, who was raised Catholic and in the Midwest, proved there was redemption and humor in apologizing to everything and everyone.9 Jonathan Lowell had unwittingly submitted to this roulette when he shared his latest book of poetry with the organizer. Being a good sport, Lowell read three unusual redemption poems from the perspective of a whale, a birdcage and a snow globe. 10 Lila Lila McCall discovered it’s never too late to redeem one’s self, even on New Year’s Eve.11 CathrinCathrin Gordon found redemption, freedom and her voice from her childhood.12 Daniel Daniel Davila, in a pseudo-North Carolinian accent, related the hate crime he survived and danced his way to redemption while remembering a “thin blue ribbon of sky.”13 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson advised everyone to issue “redemption coupons” in order to clear their conscious and move on.14 Thom & the musicians Thom the World Poet gave an offstage delivery about redemption, accompanied by Davila and Ron Kewin.15 audience shot The audience was invited to sign up for the open mic.16 Ron w:DanielRon Kewin, accompanied by Davila, started the open mic.17 Allyson Allyson Whipple18 Jesse At this point, audience member, Jesse, whispered to the organizer, “I don’t like thinking while I’m drinking!”19 Birdman Birdman 31320 Veronica Veronica Hunte21 Daniel Daniela Davila, accompanied by Kerwin.22 M. Alexis M. Alexis23 CW Capoeira teacher, CW AKA “Rastinha,” invited the audience to stand up and do the basic capoeira move, the jinga.24 jinga 25 jinga 26 Thom w:DanielThom the World Poet, accompanied by Davila, ended the show by saying, “Welcome to yourself.”

Please join the Austin Writers Roulette Sunday, February 8th for “Bad Date Night.”