The difference between us and them
Increasingly grows very slim
We both bleed
We both need
Cultural exchange is a gem

1 Group shot The Rouletters gathered together for the most spectacular and last time in 2014 for “International Flavor.”2 Tech ladies Not only did they have a record number of artists (15), but they also had two artists, Cathrin Gordon and Donna Dechen Birdwell, who set up video technology before the show.3 Tech Cathrin A pretty gutsy move for Gordon for her first time on the roulette!4 Me hostingHostess, Teresa Y. Roberson, sported her international look with a Canadian tuque, Jordanian vest, Goodwill shirt and shorts, Peruvian socks, and discount hiking boots purchased in Denver.5 Geovani Geovani Zambrana brought some international spice and romance to start the show.6 Birdman Birdman 313 reminisced about the romantic side of Paris at night.7 Patricia Special guest, Patricia Fiske, first read her own poem “Queenie” as an introduction to Sue Littleton’s poem about the Egyptian goddess, Isis.8 PatriciaThen Fiske brought her own regality, reading about her racy past in New York. 9 AllysonAllyson Whipple captured the vivid moments from her international travels, especially Vienna.
10 Tina Tina Posner unfolded a story of love, Madagascar and a stray puppy.11 Donna Birdwell brought her hi-tech TV and displayed a video about her travels around Nepal and showed people doing “Korwa.”12 me reading Roberson read about the 21-year international reaction to her dreadlocks.13 David David Fried read an excerpt from “Seamen on the Poop Deck,” which took place on his ship, The Raging Queen.14 during intermission Roberson couldn’t resist taking a picture during intermission with another artist who finally outdid her own costume!15 Sarah Sarah Kennon provided the historical and poignant international background of contemporary American events.16 Stephanie Stephanie Webb explored racial stereotypes within our ethnic melting pot in “Acting Race.”17 Lila Lila McCall gave us the timeline of her international travels.18 Sam Sam Patteson shared his food adventures and cultural mishaps in Japan.19 Cathrin Gordon ladled out some cultural soup along with thematic video images.20 Jack Magic Jack ATX shared his nostalgic memories of Dublin.21 Jack & Nathan He then sang an original traveling song with DJ Cabrini-Green accompanying him on his Moroccan drum.22 Michael Michael Kennon fiddled an Irish and a Scottish song.23 Michael & Sarah Then the Kennon siblings sang a translated Gaelic song, followed by another mostly in Gaelic.30 Audience shotJoin the Austin Writers Roulette on January 11th for their “Redemption” show!