Mama knows best

On that you can rest

Advice is free

Upon delivery

Wisdom lines her nest

1 meFor this roulette, the usual host went back to 1969 and brought back her 29-year old mother to host!
1.1 me w hot toddy She recommended the hot toddy for any seasonal cold one may have been suffering during the show.1.2 me Then she told the audience about how she was living in Okinawa in 1969, where the humidity was so high, she chose to wear wigs rather than continue its battle with her natural hair.2 award & donation bucket Thom the World Poet brought a “Best in Show” award for the best open mic performance.3 group shot As usual, once they took the group picture, the show promptly started.4 group shotThey took another group picture during intermission when all the rouletters had finally arrived.5 Birdman 313 Birdman 313 kicked off the show, reciting a list of Mom Wisdoms. We all liked #4: “A hard head makes for a soft ass.”6 Magic Jack ATX Magic Jack ATX added a personalized prequel to his mother’s favorite poem, which praises mothers and sons.7 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell told the person drama and politics behind mothers and daughters.8 Lila Lila McCall wrote a book of Momisms for her straight-A daughter when she first left for college so she would know what to do while on her own and not have to move back home!9 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson shared her mother’s and grandmother’s home remedies for the most common ailments.10 Thom & Jack Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX, chanted some of the wisdoms his mother shared with him over the decades such as “Make sure you have more income than out go” and “You’re big enough and ugly enough to look after yourself!”10.1 me rec hot toddyBefore the intermission, the host invited audience members to get a medicinal hot toddy for themselves. Then, the open mic ensued with the following poets:11 Sarah Sarah Kennon12 Birdman 313 Birdman 31313 Donna Donna Dechen Birdwell14 Thom & Jack Thom the World Poet accompanied by Magic Jack ATX15 Jack & Thom Magic Jack ATX accompanied by Thom the World Poet16 Michael Michael Kennon17 Sarah w open mic awardSarah Kennon won the open mic with her powerful poem, “Hi, my name is…”, which took a stand against the derogatory comments men have hurled her way.