Can you see what I see

Or is it just me

My active imagination

A preoccupation

Challenge what can be

1 group shot This roulette was like Ted Talks meets poetry!1.1 hostess The hostess was a global leader from the future: female, brown-skinned and English speaker (majority of the world is female, people of color and speak English as their 1st, 2nd or 3rd language).2 Milton Villeda Milton Villeda, multi-instrumentalist and engineer, gave a demonstration of his latest invention, The M!ltone, which controlled various aspects of different musical instruments and lighting with a wave of the hand.

2.1 Joe SlawterJoe Slawter brought awareness and activism about the sex trafficking of women, acknowledging that the average man’s demand is the main problem.4 Scott Lipton

Scott Lipton talked about how EdTech Action addressed the broken educational system.

4.1 MJ ATXMagic Jack ATX, who worked on the railroads for 35 years, informed the crowd that Austin is way behind other cities in public transportation and needs rail options.5 Sarah Kennon

Sarah Kennon’s rant proved that most teenagers do not live the shallow life as portrayed by the media.6 Donna Dechen Birdwell Donna Dechen Birdwell read the opening chapter of her futuristic fiction, The Way of the Serpent.7 Lila McCall Lila McCall shared a poem about the gift of special vision.8 Josh Matimore Josh Matimore gave a retro look of a visionary gangster who used to work for Al Capone.9 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson stated her list of 10 future global demands, starting with 51% of all leadership roles being held by women.10 Thom the World Poet Thom the World Poet waxed optimism when other people plan for the future since they’re confident there will be a future!11 Louise Richardson Louise Richardson started the open mic.12 Jon Van Lowe Jon Van Lowe13 Sangye O'Mara Sangye O’Mara14 Kevin Velasco Kevin Velasco15 Michelle Michelle16 Mike Kennon Michael Kennon17 Josh Matimore Josh Matimore18 Sarah Kennon Sarah Kennon19 Thom the World Poet

Thom the World Poet3 audience shot

We thank our audience for staying an hour later that usual for this visionary show!

Next roulette will be Sunday, October 12th with the theme “Cocktail Napkin Stories.”