Battling the latest conflict

Pulling out the newest trick

Come what may

Keep evil at bay

Triumphing is slick

1 group photo 1st attempt

The rouletters originally thought they could take the group shot with the kayak in the picture, but the photography pros said there was too much sunlight in the background.

2 group photo

We then took a “classic” group shot by in front of the bar, proving once again we have superb survival adaptability!33 me

The hostess drew her costume inspiration from Rambo, Peace Corps and her father’s dog tag.

3 Birdman 313

Birdman’s survival story started with having to rent a car to get to the roulette. Then, he told his challenge with love, which began during his childhood.4 Sangye

Sangye O’Mara shared the makings of a true survivor, being thankful to be alive and sane.

5 Lila

Lila McCall divulged the big secret about survival–we don’t survive! Yet when we live life to the fullest, we don’t care about death.6 Laurie

Laurie Loew demonstrated her survival skills when she nearly lost everything, but transformed her life to be a successful social entrepreneur who gives back to the community.7 Allyson

Allyson Whipple created a poetry documentary, in five parts, about her best friend’s battle with cancer.8 Thom

Thom the World Poet read the titles of each of Allyson’s poems from the audience.9 Josh

Josh Matimore spun a tale about surviving the seasons of a fatal attraction.10 Daniel

Daniel Davila performed a one-man skit that captured his sister’s survival story through the lens of humor.11 me reading

Teresa Y. Roberson read an edited excerpt from her Peace Corps experience, adjusting to life in Tanzania within the first two weeks.12 Thom & Daniel

Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Daniel Davila on clarinet, performed an improvisation about survival.13 Jack

During intermission, rouletter Jack, looking very literary, smoked a cigar.14 Thom & Daniel open mic

Thom the World Poet & Daniel Davila started the open mic.15 Bernette

Bernette16 Zaka

Zaka17 Donna

Donna Dechen Birdwell18 Ben

Ben19 Erin

Erin20 Birdman

Birdman 31321 Sangye

Sangye O’Mara22 Daniel

Daniel Davila23 Jaime

Jaime Torres24 Josh

Josh Matimore25 Allyson

Allyson Whipple26 Carondelet

Carondelet Dember30 audience shot

From the bottom of our hearts,
31 audience shot

we thank our audience, who came out in record numbers, to hear us spin our survival stories!32 meThe hostess challenges everyone to think, write and share “Visionary Ideas” for the September 14th roulette!