At times courage is bold and loud

Or it’s hidden within the crowd

When a crisis occurs

And another defers

The courageous makes us proud

1 Sylvie

For the Courage roulette, Sylvie was our show mascot–a first for us!

2 Sylvie & me

The show was hosted by Blaxploitation leading lady, Foxy Brown.

3 My groupshot photographer


This is what happens when the hostess gives her camera to an audience member. Although he was a poet, he didn’t want to get up on stage. Jokes on this guy now…he’s on the blog!

4 Group shot

For our second anniversary, we had a record number of featured artists at 11, 3 of whom were first-timers. Thom the World Poet gifted everyone shades, which explains why we look oh-so-cool in our group shot.

5 MJ & Sylvie

Magic Jack ATX challenged the childhood myth of stepping on the cracks that breaks his mama’s back.

6 El Guapo

El Guapo used vivid imagery about the courage to love another.

7 Birdman

Birdman 313 showed the courage it took to maintain inner peace.8 Louise

Louise Richardson recounted the life and bravery of red man, her father.9 Lila

Lila McCall revealed the strength while supporting someone ill.10 Carondelet

Carondelet Dember, for her first time speaking publicly, courageously shared her repressed memories of childhood.11 Courtney Courtney Jones spoke of how strong women with challenging backgrounds transitioned into butterflies.


Sangye O’Mara, dressed in military fatigues, detailed a moving narrative about love and courage of a married couple in the armed forces immersed in the horrors of war.12 Daniel Daniel Davila divulged a quixotic battle fought for his dream girl.13 me reading Teresa Y. Roberson articulated how a privileged jerk would not successfully push a strong woman aside.14 Thom w MJ Thom the World poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX, graced his courageous medley on the stage.15 David

David Young AKA Ben Franklin started the open mic.

Sangye2Sangye O’Mara16 Dianna Dianna Simmons17 Birdman Birdman 31318 Courtney Courtney Jones19 Louise Louise Richardson20 MJ & SylvieMagic Jack ATX & Sylvie

21 Thom




Thom the World Poet22 group shot 23 group shot 24 sleeping Sylvie 25 audience shot 26 me 27 me & viewer 28 me & the fellows 29 audience 30 me 31 audience 32 me & the ladies 35 me