Your pitch is off key 

Your screeching is kill me

Life is what you make it 

Instead of having a fit 

Vent though poetry 

group shot


For this Mother’s Day, the rouletters vented about their pet peeves and life lessons learned.

Magic Jack ATX


Magic Jack ATX aired his annoyance about other people’s love lives.



Sarah Kennon gave the student’s response to teachers who nag about sleeping in class.Lila

Lila McCall called out one of her pet peeves…in so many words, about made up words.Sagi Sagi Musume confronted the battles of feminine beauty and strength.Daniel

Daniel Davila held a mirror to all the whiners in his life, showing their ugly reading

Teresa Y. Roberson shared her mother’s anti-whining lesson, summed up in a single question: “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?”Josh

Josh Matimore celebrated his 1st year anniversary with the roulette by writing a political satire skit about first world problems. He read the role of special agent Johnny Ba-Dass.Thom as congressman

Thom the World Poet read the role of Congressman Bum McWrath.Josh me & Thom

Teresa Y. Roberson read the role of the bailiff, kicking off the skit. Thom reading

Thom the World Poet entertained the crowd with his medley about whining, joined by Magic Jack ATX on guitar and Daniel Davila on clarinet.raised candles

Thom gifted everyone with either a red or white candle in order to bring light to the world rather than curse the darkness.David

Starting the open mic was David Young AKA Ben Franklin.Sarah

Sarah KennonMichael Michael KennonDaniel2 Daniel DavilaJosh2

Josh MatimoreZaka ZakaLouise

LouiseNerissa Nerissame talking Thom & Zaka

audience shot

Join the rouletters Sunday, June 8th for “Bucket List Fantasies.” Submission deadline is Wednesday, June 4th.