Have money will travel

Push back on gravel

Dive into cultural immersion

For a different diversion

Into experiences dabble

group shot 2The globetrotting rouletters shared their travel stories, ensnaring some unsuspecting artists in their wake.

my cameo

One swashbuckling Capt. Mathdreads hosted the event.

bar shootout

Before the show, Capt. Mathdreads had a misunderstanding with the bartender, Sarah.

hands in the air

The negotiation soon took a favorable turn for the captain.
me drinking an aviation

The matter was settled with Capt. Mathdreads sipping on the featured drink, Aviation.pistols united 2

Co-conspirator, Thom the World Poet helped secure the area.

pistols united

Capt. Mathdreads brandished her sword, Primitive Feminism, just to show the guys who was the boss.
slicing Jim's neck

Singer-songwriter, Jim Tenny opened the show after a little persuading from PF.


A former priest, Tenny sang about lessons from the mountain top since “it’s easy to be a holy man on top of the mountain.”

stabbing BobBarstool Poetry editor, Bob Makela stumbled upon the roulette, looking for wifi. After a tangle with PF, he agreed to perform.

He explained to the audience that he and a buddy started writing poetry on cocktail napkins as an effective and entertaining way to pick up women.

Magic Jack ATX

Magic Jack ATX detailed the adventures of traveling by train when the train goes  nowhere for hours and 300 people are stranded.

slicing Ryan's neck

Another unsuspecting artist, Ryan Brusca, agreed to play a traveling musical interlude in the middle of the show when the scheduled musician did not show up.


Brusca first played his own original song, which had no title nor lyrics, but was groovy all the same.

audience w shaker eggs 2

He followed up with Jimi Hendrick’s “Purple Haze.” The audience accompanied  Brusca with shaker eggs, courtesy of Thom the World Poet.Veronica

Capt. Mathdreads’ cousin, Veronica Hunte told the whirlwind story of how her parents met in Switzerland and after having three kids, moved to Johannesburg, S. Africa when her father, a retired professional cricket player, was offered to coach cricket as part of Nelson Mandela’s Peace and Reconciliation Initiative.


Lila McCall transported the audience back to 1985 when she and her feisty aunt traveled to Egypt and Israel during a plane hijacking, armed military teenagers, and a lack of creature comforts.

slicing Sangye's neck

At this point in the show, the captain persuaded artist, Sangye O’Mara to read only one selection since some SXSW musicians were clamoring to get on the stage after the roulette.


Sangye chronicled her resentment of the constant landscape-changing construction in Austin, but gained courage to deal with the changes when she came upon the brave midnight racing wheelchair culture.

me reading

Captain Mathdreads told a yarn about her night hike up Mt. St. Catherine (Sinai) to watch the sunrise one Thanksgiving.
Thom & Jack

Thom the World Poet, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX, told of wondrous travels here on Earth and around the cosmos.

pistol & sword

The captain warmly invites you to participate or attend the upcoming “Out of This World” roulette on April 13th. Don’t make her come look for you!