Xmas treeThe celebrant rouletters gathered together once again, this time around a Christmas tree, in order to perform their wares based on “Celebrations.”
group shot

Birdman kicked off the show, reading three poems about the joys and different aspects of celebrating.Birdman

Daniel Davila paid tribute to the swirling myriad of celebrations throughout one’s lifetime, including his favorite character–himself being alive! Then he played a musical interlude on his clarinet, which was given to him by his great grandmother who bartered it from a musician who had played it with Louis Armstrong.

Daniel & clarinet

Teresa Y. Roberson shared her journey from injury and invisibleness, to wellness and re-visibleness and celebrated the things the experience made her thankful for.

me reading

Thom the Wassail Poet read a delicious smorgasbord of celebratory poems with clarinet accompaniment by Davila.

Thom & Daniel

The ever stylish Sangye O’Mara began the evening’s open mic.

Sangye                                                        Louise Richards


David aka Ben FranklinDavid


Birdman 2                                                              Peter




Daniel 2

Thom & DanielThom & Daniel 2me Thom & Zakarasta Thom Sangye & Thomthe audienceThom & me 2 Thom & me 3 Thom & me

Daniel practicing clarinet