group shot

The rouletters gathered together once again to contemplate, but mostly to protest.


Magic Jack ATX kicked off the event, fresh from protesting, to call out for the power of Mother Nature, women, immigrants and the horrors of traffic.

Jack's back

For his protest poem about the plight of immigrants, he turned his back to the audience so they could better visualize an immigrant.


Sarah Kennon, inspired by a “douchy song” (her description) where a man thinks he doesn’t have to ask for consent before having sex with a woman, wrote about the motivations and machinations of the American dream.

SangyeSangye O’Mara came complete with a visual aid pink designer purse that she carried during an interview that turned into her protest against how Americans institutionalize the elderly.

Joyce Feilke made her roulette debut with a powerful educational protest essay equating the system of standardized testing in public school with slavery. A student in the audience screamed, “Preach!”

Carol Ramsey

Another rouletter, Carol Ramsey, made her roulette debut, sharing her teaching experiences in Lithuania, where students did not feel comfortable answering certain questions about authority.

me reading

Teresa Y. Roberson first chanted, “Education is a right; not just for the rich and white!” before reading about a current racist practice of holding predominantly low-income Latino students to lower standards than their white, rich counterparts.
Daniel Davila

Rouletter Daniel Davila started protesting at age 7 with his great grandmother who was only 4’8″, but people chose to look up to her because of the power of her words and the strength of her character.
Thom & Jack

Thom the World Poet handed out free poetry after rapping them to the syncopated rhythm of Magic Jack ATX. “America the free–for a limited visa only!” was a favorite line in his protest medley.Donna Dechen BirdwellSpecial guest appearance made by long-time rouletter, Donna Dechen Birdwell, who stopped in to give the audience a taste of her artwork, which everyone can see as part of EAST.

audience shot

Join us for the last roulette of 2013 on December 8th where the theme is “Celebrations.” Submission deadline is Wednesday, December 4th.