Our beloved venue decorated beautifully, which enhanced October’s “Spooky” theme.

group shot

The rouletters braved the after effects of torrential rains to share their Spooky tales.

rocking the boot

Hostess Teresa Y. Roberson completed her Avenging Angel costume with much needed boot because nothing, not the weather or broken ankles will stop the roulette!

What do you see

Before the show, the audience looked at a mini poster and wrote down what they thought the image in the black spot appeared to be to them.

All the way from Houston, Birdman spun a haunting tale about the one who is after us all in “The Hunt Is On.”

CoreyCorey Deiterman detailed the anxieties of being a horror writer, besides being Jewish, in “The Life of a Horror Writer.”


Sangye O’Mara started off with a short piece of what she’d do if she could and then continued the unofficial “death and nightmare” sub themes by examining the ramifications of The Four Noble Truths.Christina

Christina Ceballos read a tale that resonated with the entire audience about how she got her guardian angel.


Daniel Davila, affected by Christina’s short story, shared a moving remembrance about his daughter before telling us the complete, erotic story of La Llorona.

my painting

Teresa asked an audience member to read out the guesses of what people thought was in the black spot. People saw the Milky Way, a swirl of storm, the Eye of God, an ear, a galaxy, an egg, and a bullet hole.

Eye of God

Teresa then shared her essay, “The Eye of God,” with the audience and stated that it was amazing that no one had guessed “vagina.”


Louise Richardson commenced the open mic portion of the night with a chilling poem from the perspective an abused child.

Birdman 2

Birdman read two more poems, dedicating one to his mother who would have been 100 this year.

avid Young aka “Ben Franklin” made his roulette debut.


Izzy made her roulette debut with a spooktacular short story.

Corey 2

Corey riffed about his worst Halloween ever in 2008.

DJ Cabrini Green

Special guest appearance by DJ Cabrini Green who closed the show with an improved Halloween riff.

me hosting

Hostess Teresa invited the audience to be a part of the November 10th “Contemplation and Activism” roulette.


audience shot