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The Austin Writers Roulette presented shared their varied experiences with Chance Encounters.

Sarah copy

Sarah Kennon, who looks like an angel until she speaks, went through the ABCs of her tangled web of relationships, followed by a fiery tango with her dream girl.

Corey copy

Corey Deiterman went off script and speculated what the mathematical probability of two people out of seven billion meeting was, then told us about finding into the woman of his infatuation in a crowd of 500 people and meeting one of his creative heroes, Leonard Cohen.

Michael copy

Continuing the theoretical physics of chance encounters, Michael Kennon speculated the meaning of it all, based on his first scientific true love, astronomy.

Magic Jack ATX copy

Magic Jack ATX first read about his chronicles with an assortment of interesting people from bishops to party girls.

Magic Jack playing copy

Then he sang about his random adventures based on his travels on the Royal Gorge Railroad.

sing along copy

Adding to the fun, the audience sang along!

Jaime copy

Jaime Torres captured an eerie Edgar Allan Poe-esque encounter in his acrostic poem.

Josh copy

Josh Matimore started off by quoting Bob Dylan then read the opening chapter of his short story, concerning a young man who wears a different mask, depending on who he meets.

Anyah copy

Anyah Dishon entertained the crowd with her explanation that “alien” encounters should be more accurately called “cosmic cultures” encounters.

 Sangye copy

Sangye O’Mara read a poignant excerpt about learning who her father truly was after his funeral.

Teresa copy

Teresa Y. Roberson shared her experiences with the calamity that ensues whenever she changes countries.

Thom & Magic Jack copy

Wandering World Poet Thom, accompanied by Magic Jack ATX, sang a summary of the people he’s met along his journey through life, stating that he didn’t grow up…he was beat up.

audience shot copy September 8th’s theme is “Dreams of Other Worlds.” Please send your sci-fi, fantasy and/or altered mind experiences by September 4th.