For the 1st anniversary show, The Austin Writers Roulette shared their war shot (1024x740)

Sarah Kennon opened the show with a poem that gave strategies of surviving the battlefield of love.Sarah 2 (768x1024)

Maddy Stephens painted a haunting picture of a life torn apart and rebuilt.Maddy (768x1024)

Joyce Collins made her roulette debut, reading poems from her The Way of Reckoning book, which dealt with her recovered childhood memories of incest. She also led the audience in a “Princess Bride” moment when she asked them if they could recite the famous line, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”  Joyce (768x1024)

Also making her roulette debut, Stephanie Webb, descended from her conquered mountains to detail her enlightenments for the audience’s listening pleasure.Stephanie 2 (768x1024)

Teresa Y. Roberson shared her belief that regardless of whether Amazons existed or not, Amazons are among us in the form of fiercely independent heterosexual women who refuse to be wives and mothers.archery pose (770x1024)

Thom the World Poet spun an adventurous tale about hitchhiking on the hippie trail in Australia.Thom (768x1024)

Arriving on a strong wind toward the end of the roulette, Anyah Dishon proudly showed off her Peruvian staff that she earned on a transformative hike. At the conclusion of which, she stated, “Help arrives when you no longer need it.”Anyah (768x1024)

After the seven features read, the mic was open for another round of “triumphant” poetry for some of the features and guests poets in the audience.Joyce 2 (768x1024)

                                                         Joyce CollinsBirdman 313 (768x1024)

                                                        Birdman 313Michael (768x1024)

                                                    Michael KennonSarah (768x1024)

                                                       Sarah KennonThom (768x1024)

                                                     “Roulette Thom”Brent (768x1024)

                                                      Brent PorterJaime (768x1024)


If you’d like to read for the upcoming August 11th “Chance Encounters” roulette, please send your submission by Wednesday, August 7th.

audience (1024x768)