me posing (280x640)

For this month’s theme, hostess, Teresa Y. Roberson pulled out all the stops, and rented a Supergirl costume to celebrate Fathers’ Day–a week early!

Stompin Grounds cake (320x242) 

Speaking of celebrations, our wonderful venue also celebrated their 4th anniversary with cake, BBQ and beer.

sound check

During soundcheck, an audience member and hopefully future rouletter helped Magic Jack and Teresa.

Clarkette Kent glasses (1024x768) 

Newcomer to the roulette, Elizabeth Schami, claimed that she couldn’t find her costume, but she made a lovely “Clarkette Kent.”

Zaka (768x1024)

And dressed up as Who-Knows-What, Zaka brought her creative energy.

Jack (768x1024)

 Magic Jack artfully told us the brief history of Superman, both real and fictionalized.

Liz (768x1024)

Elizabeth reminded us of the heroic men who step up to raise us.

Sarah (768x1024)

Sarah Kennon shared a poem about how children never outgrow the need for their first hero, their father.

me (226x320)

Teresa drew parallels between the famous Superman and the real Superman, her father, both born in 1938.

Liz & Jack (768x1024)   

Our event closed on a sentimental note. Elizabeth and Magic Jack sang a Dana McBride/Magic Jack ATX original composition, “This Is Your Heartbeat, This Is Your Breath.” Dana was scheduled to perform, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she was not able to make it. They dedicated the song to her. 

Erin & Zaka (768x1024)

Even audience members helped sing.


For extra fun, there was an impossible 10-question Superman trivia quiz–except one audience member actually knew two answers! Dave, who has been sporting a Superman pendant for awhile and wore an X-men T-shirt, won the prizes.

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