This roulette was a celebration of Mother’s Day aka The Divas. Group shot (1024x768)

Opening the show, Magic Jack ATX, dispelled myths and revered the mystical nature of motherhood in his two poems, “Cracks in the Sidewalk” and “Women Must Be Pleased.”

Jack (768x1024)

Making his roulette debut, Michael Kennon, shared the age-old battle with vegetables his mother insisted that he eat in “I’m a T-Rex or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plants.” As a special treat, his mom was in the audience!

Michael (768x1024)Robin (942x1024)

Another roulette newbie, Josh Matimore, chronicled his journey with his mother one summer that was her version of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in “Beep Beep Hum Beep Beep.”

Josh (768x1024)

Zaka spun a humorous Pollock (her word, which she claimed wasn’t racist!) tale, proving that some diva mothers are braver than Rambo.

Zaka (768x1024)

Gracing the roulette stage for the first time, Maddy Stephens, reminded us that when kids don’t get the mothering they need from their biological mother, they’ll seek the mothers in us all in a piece called “Children.”

Maddy (768x1024)

Teresa Y. Roberson first read “Gone Fishin'” a poem she wrote when her maternal grandmother had passed. Then she read “Thirty Sixty Ninety,” which were the ages she, her mother and maternal grandmother turned in 2000 and drew parallels among the three generations of women.

me (547x1024)

As a special treat, the rouletters had a 20-minute open mike session where Zaka and Michael showed off their singing talent. Special audience guests, Erin and  Irrational Zack also performed.

Erin (672x1024)

Zack (665x1024)

Self-described “closet poet,” Sangye O’Mara spoke briefly about her sensuous painting that showed the divine mother in everyone with Eastern aspects of the snake in the garden.

Sangye & me (1024x854)painting (811x1024)

Fashionably late, but still cosmically on-time, Thom the World Poet, breezed in, passing out poetry gifts, including the upcoming feminist poetry festival before free-styling funny Mother’s Day stories.

Thom (730x1024)audience (1024x768)