Since April is National Poetry Month, our first rouletter of the evening, Thom the World Poet, passed out plastic shaker eggs so the audience could join musicians Dana McBride and Magic Jack ATX in providing theme music for his medley of poetry about things we all need to reuse, recycle or repurpose before dashing off to his next venue out of five!

Thom Jack & Dana (1024x768)

Singer-songwriter Dana McBride tantalized us with a poem about a long-haired drummer who she had to tuck away and eventually recycle to pursue the other passions in her life.

Dana reading (600x1024)

Our next singer-songwriter Magic Jack ATX encouraged us to leave the past behind and embrace the present.

close up Jack (768x1024)

Gifted storyteller Donna Dechen Birdwell first shared her facial spring cleaning story about undoing the damage of sunbathing as a youth now that she’s in her 60s. She followed up with another Belize excerpt, involving cleaning up the aftermath of sister-in-law dispute.

close up Donna 2 (768x1024)

Zaka entertained the crowd with vivid snippets of different characters voices, ridding themselves of bad situations.

Zaka 2 (768x1024)

Making both her public and rouletter debut (and budding slam poet), Sarah Kennon moved the audience with a poignant piece about losing her best friend.

close up Sarah 2 (768x1024)

Occasional poet, Teresa Y. Roberson read a poem she quilted together from different aspects of the stresses in her life that needed to be cleaned up.

me arms raised (768x1024)

The evening closed with Magic Jack and Dana McBride doing their rendition of The Coaster’s “Take Out the Papers and the Trash.” The audience happily joined in on the “Don’t Talk Back!” McBride then freestyled her own “clean up your act” lyrics and invited audience members to join in with their own lyrics–of course the improv queen, Zaka, took up the challenge!

Jack & Dana (768x1024)

Please join us for our next roulette, “Dedicated to Divas,” Sunday, May 12th, which will celebrate the powerful mothers, grandmothers, aunts…any woman who taught us unforgettable life lessons.

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