Before the show officially began, singer-songwriter-poets, Dana McBride and “Magic” Jack did a 5-song sound check, which ended in a whistle-the-Andy-Griffin-show-theme-song-competition!

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The first sensuous poem that Dana read was about a man she wanted to make love to her and was accompanied by Magic Jack. Dana read a few other poems from her “Ode to the Muse” collection.


After being introduced as a man who didn’t know the meaning of the word “impotence,” Magic Jack read a cute poem about his first date when he was 4, followed by a hilarious poem about how stories about other people’s love-lives were boring.

Magic Jack kiss print

Nelson Guda read a series of short poems about the wildness of night and sexy pursuit. 


The poetic freight train, Tbird, opened with Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 then riffed her modern raunchy ode to a man.


Teresa Y. Roberson shared her unscientific survey she took about oral sex turnoffs in an essay called “How Men Blow Fellatio.”


Thom the Worldpoet announced to the entire audience that he loved them like chocolate-dipped strawberries and sang a song about said delectable dessert.

Thom w musicians

In between artists, hostess Teresa read sex-based trivia questions, which she recapped at the end of the show, revealing the answers. The winner, with 7 out of 10 correct answers, was Zaka, who excitedly claimed, ” I knew having all that sex would eventually pay off!”  She’s now the proud owner of a Tribe of One book and Tshirt.Zaka & me

Next roulette is Sunday, March 10th from 4-6 and the theme is “Serendipity and Spontaneity.”

group shot of ladies