This month, the Austin Writers Roulette shined the spotlight on the various transformations that are swirling about. On this Veterans Day, our “veteran” poet, Transformational Thom (who never served in the military, but has been spreading truth and peace through poetry before the other rouletters were conceived) gave us the historical and current political transformations through a menagerie of free poems gifted to the audience.   Accompanying Thom on the tambourine was capoeirista, Gabby. Teresa Y. Roberson read two essays, one about the transformation of her fiction genre from romance to action-adventure and the other, concerning the plantation-style management of public education. Sharing the most personal excerpt from his diary, Jaime Torres detailed his internal transformation after suffering a head trauma.

The Austin Writers Roulette will have its last event at the Capoeira Evolucao Studio for the December 9th “Circles: Reoccurring Themes, Patterns, Cycles & Death-Rebirth” event. Starting in January 2013, the roulette will take place at Strange Brew 5326 Manchaca Rd Austin, TX 78745. So if you yearn to perform or witness a poetry/spoken word event in a capoeira studio, you have one more chance to do so!