For the August 12th writers roulette, our line up got raw, raunchy and just plain naughty! Getting the audience in a sexy mood, Thom, who regularly performs at Kick Butt Coffee Sunday evenings, Ruta Maya on Tuesdays, and Thrice Cafe on Wednesdays, delivered the goods through his suggestive poetry.  Continuing the provocative theme, Tamar, a performance virgin, deflowered herself reading an innocent, honest appeal, asking two men to share her love rather than making her choose one man over the other.

The end of innocence swiftly came as Tbird sang, spat and soul tapped her way through an erotopolitical poem. Soft-spoken, mild mannered Stephanie illustrated why no one wants to get on the bad side of a Taurus with her F-bomb dense essay, “The F*** You Beast.” I displayed some of my acting skills while reading a short and naughty story, “Purple Passion,” to show that not all F-bombing is bad. Sadie of Bedpost Confessions (every 3rd Thursday at the ND) delighted the audience with an excerpt from her book, “Open All the Way: Confessions from My Open Marriage.” Capoeira Evolucao instructor Felipe (aka “Negro”) briefly explained the importance of music to the Brazilian martial art known as capoeira before playing samba, where fellow capoeiristas Carmen, Randy and Samaria showed off their skills in this fun and, at times flirtatious, dance.

After the show, the audience visited our vendors. Maria had a selection of Thai clothes, jewelry, handbags and art. Vanessa of Naughty Cakes ( had a tantalizing display of specialty chocolates and cupcakes.

The next roulette will be on Sunday, September 9th. The theme will be “Beauty in Other Cultures.”